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Documentary Series: 
Engaging People – A Spirit of Collective Responsibility

Engaging People, a documentary series by Lori H. Ersolmaz, Voices of Hope Productions explores the lives of effective change-makers and concerned citizens seeking to understand what makes an actively engaged citizenry and how/what would help more Americans come together in a spirit of collective responsibility and civil discourse. Engaging People shows citizens, who instead of blaming others for social dysfunction decide to take an active role in solving societal problems, ultimately effecting systemic change by creating ripple effects that make communities stronger, but also positively moves American democracy forward.

Engaging People seeks answers about how citizens effectively act as a counter-balance to government officials and lobbyists through their actions: advocacy, mobilization, social entrepreneurship, creativity and imagination, culture and media-making—all taking active involvement in the very fabric and outcome of their communities, state and country.

The Engaging People series refocuses the media lens onto positive stories about responsible and active citizens in an effort to counter 24/7 celebrity media, consumerism and reality programming. These citizens inject inspiration and hope at the core of their efforts illustrating that those who foster social progress, negotiation and understanding create a legacy of impact and social change that’s illuminating and exciting.


  • Amy Quinn
    Deputy Mayor, Asbury Park, NJ
  • Justin Auciello, JS  Hurricane News
    Journalism & Social Media
  • Rosemary Ryan
    Community Building
  • Circus Maximus 
    Disaster Relief Wagon 
  • Kasso & S.A.G.E. Coalition 
    Artists for Change
  • Bonnie Kerness 
    Human Rights Activist
  • Fair Haven Firemen's Company
    Public Service & Volunteerism
  • Teens, Noah Tucker & Tyler Lubin 
    Community Activism



  • Alexis Harris
    Pioneer Educator 
  • Marilyn Schlossbach
    Restaurateur & Activist


We’re not going to get there in America on race, poverty, on all of those issues until we come to an understanding that we’re all in it together. There’s only one American destiny, not a Republican destiny or a Democratic destiny just one American destiny, not rich or poor. We’re all in this boat together.
— Senator Cory Booker
Human Beings are Creatures of Meaning, Seeking Ways to Give Our Days Value.
— Frances Moore Lappe, Yes Magazine
Embody the very notion of of active citizenship. If the ideal of active citizenship means anything, it means that people in every walk of life need to consider the social impact of their daily decisions and actions‚ that civic life is not just a once-a-year activity on election day, or even once-a-week action like volunteering at the local soup kitchen…Volunteerism tries to alleviate the symptoms, active citizenship strives to cure the disease.
— Jonathon Tisch, Citizen You: Doing Your Part to Change the World