Many New Jersey citizens took a powerful blow when Hurricane Sandy came to town on October 29, 2012. In the aftermath there are countless stories of citizens who have compassionately come together to help each other regain the strength to positively rebuild lives, hearts and homes. 


VIDEO: Circus Maximus flew from Seattle with his partner Karissa to help out in NJ after Hurricane Sandy. Using skills that he already had as a caterer, he decided to create The U-HUNGRY Cafe to mobilize and distribute food to shore towns without electricity and whose cars had been totaled by the storm. Along the way he found a crew of like-minded volunteers who got a quick lesson on how to do catering from the back of a U-Haul truck. They listened to people's stories and helped bring some levity and humor to the situation. Circus started a pay-it-forward solidarity approach and eventually handed-off the reins and returned home to Seattle. The U-HUNGRY too Cafe volunteers continue providing aid, now in Oklahoma. They share common values and beliefs, "We are one human community and family with a responsibility to care of for each other."