Engaging People is a web series of short documentaries about people who are engaged and actively making change in their communities. They serve as role-models of service, volunteerism and political action every day and also in crisis situations, illustrating what it means to be an active participant in American democracy. Although we continue to experience gridlock in our political system the "Engaging People Series" provides hopeful examples of how empowered citizens improve communities and society in a wide array of positive ways. 

Film by Lori H. Ersolmaz, Voices of Hope Productions

Vanessa Blake: Camera interviews
Will Caldwell: Camera interviews, additional footage
Vann Weller: Audio engineering 

Special Thanks:
Vanessa Blake
Ella Rue-Eyet
Shan Holt
John Hulick
George McCullough
Angelique Olmo
Vann Weller

Lori and her group have produced an important and inspiring document to the fact that democracy is not words, not a government program, but ACTIONS by people who want to make the world a better place for everyone—that is democracy. As a piece of visual storytelling, this video is conceived and constructed with critical ideas and photography that have IMPACT and should be supported!
— Shari Kessler